The Sweetheart Boutique had its grand opening during a ribbon cutting event. The event lasted all day and included corn dip and pasta salad samples as well as door prizes announced every two hours.

The Sweetheart Boutique is one of the newest stores to open in Goliad’s Courthouse Square Historic District.

The Nov. 13 ribbon cutting saw a sizeable turnout from residents of Goliad and family members of the owner, Amanda Mamerow.

Mamerow mentioned that while she has been stressed in the previous months, in the weeks leading up the grand opening she has been excited to open. She says this is all thanks to the locals of Goliad.

“The local community and business owners and organizations have already been coming into the store and just saying great things,” said Mamerow. “They are thanking me for bringing something so different and also for bringing something that was much needed to the community. I’m actually thrilled and so excited; I’m not even nervous anymore.”

Mamerow opened the Sweetheart Boutique for the first time in Ganado in January 2010. According to Mamerow, she and her family moved to Goliad after work brought them to the town.

“Me and my husband personally have moved here due to his work so we decided to bring the store here to Goliad,” said Mamerow. “We noticed that Goliad is just a really cute, collective, historic little town..”

Mamerow endeavors to bring something unique to Goliad and the courthouse square.

“It has lots of boutiques,” Mamerow continued, “but one thing it didn’t have was a lot of children’s stuff. Primarily we are a children’s boutique but we also have lady and gift items as well.”

Mamerow recalls how she came up with the idea to open her store back in 2010.

“I was 23 years old,” Mamerow said. “I graduated with a four year business degree and at that time, the economy was really bad and I couldn’t even find jobs to apply for.

“A lady was retiring in Ganado and had a store called Beary Special and I figured ‘if I can’t get a job anywhere else to get experience, I might as well start my own business to get experience for the future.’ So I bought her business from her back in 2010. So that’s kind of what got me going and I haven’t left.”

Mamerow describes the store as 50% kids and 50% everyone else.

“On the children’s side we carry everyday items, to birthday gifts, to babyshower items and clothing for kids. You can start shopping in here from when they’re an infant till when they are probably around 10 years old. On the other side, we have lady’s items and gift accessories for everyone.”

The Sweetheart Boutique also has food and home decor for sale. In particular, her candy shop area is based around old school styled candy while her locally sourced items are all Texas based.

“We have a candy shop in the front of the store that breaks off into a farmers market shop that has locally made products, dips and mixes, seasonings with entertaining dishes and home decor. We also carry a women’s linen line and Vera Bradley”

Mamerow wishes to add more children’s clothing to her store in the springtime. She also wishes to add more babyshower items and expand her candy and farmers market selection, trying to keep everything Texas based.

The Sweetheart Boutique is located at 236 S. Commercial St. in Goliad. It is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday. The store is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

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