TAMU-CC grad hired as new editor

Matthew Tamez

From a snap decision to write for his college newspaper, Matthew Tamez discovered a passion for finding and writing about the true stories all around him. This passion in his writing eventually led him to be hired by Coastal Bend Publishing as editor of the Goliad Advance-Guard and the Refugio County Press.

Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Tamez spent his entire life from kindergarten to his final year in high school in a homeschool curriculum. His father worked as an oil and gas landman, a job that required the family to always be on the move. 

While in high school, Tamez excelled at written work, quickly taking a shine to the English language. However, he would not make any use of this skill until he began going to Del Mar Community College in Corpus Christi. 

Learning from Del Mar associate professor of journalism Robert Muilenburg, Tamez honed his writing skills and developed them as a journalist. It was here that he joined the student newspaper, The Foghorn, as a journalist 

“I wrote often prior to working at The Foghorn,” said Tamez. “I usually wrote fiction, though in my opinion, it wasn’t very good. 

“I took a shine to discovering a true story and writing about it, as opposed to creating stories out of thin air.”

Tamez graduated from Del Mar with an associate’s degree in journalism while also winning a first place graphic design award from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.

“The choice of what to do next was easy for me,” continued Tamez. “I went to Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi to further my education.” 

It was here that Tamez joined TAMU-CC’s student run publication, Island Waves. While his time at Del Mar saw him mainly writing articles on movies, games and the occasional school event, it was at TAMU-CC where he began to do historical pieces, stories on the usage of the school budget and even an exclusive one-on-one interview with the lead singer of the famous Glenn Miller Orchestra. 

While working for Island Waves, Tamez interviewed for the position of managing editor and was subsequently hired. Working under his Editor-in-Chief Caleigh Sowder, Tamez was being trained to take over for her as editor-in-chief once she graduated. 

“Things sort of moved fast for me,” recalled Tamez. “At the time I wasn’t sure I wanted to be managing editor. Once I found out I was being trained to replace Caleigh, I was even less sure.”

However, Tamez soon felt this was exactly where he needed to be. 

“Working during a pandemic was a new challenge that none of knew how to handle at first,” said Tamez. “There wasn’t an instruction manual on dealing with a global health crisis after all.”

Along with his editorial board, Tamez led the newspaper for the next year, from 2020 to 2021.

“It was certainly an intense year,” continued Tamez, “from the pandemic, to the elections. However, we managed to continue turning out stories and issues. Never missed a publication date despite the circumstances.” 

After graduating, Tamez began looking for work in writing, having been trained in journalism and business writing.

“I saw the work ad for this job on Indeed,” said Tamez, “The description fit everything that I had already done at my previous jobs. An interview was set up promptly and here we are today.

“I’m really happy to be here. I thrive in settings like this and I look forward to working with this company and working among the Goliad and Refugio communities.”

Tamez began work on Nov. 1, hitting the ground running. He says he cannot wait to see where this can take him. 

“Matthew is a passionate and driven journalist,” said Coastal Bend Publishing Content Director Kevin J. Keller. “His enthusiasm for telling stories is infectious and I’m excited to have him as our editor for our Goliad and Refugio publications.”

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