Civility is a rare commodity in today’s society.

The commissioners in Goliad could take a lesson from those of Bee County where even disagreements are kept civil and solved without raising voices.

Having a court of five means that ideas will be met with opposing views. Having that difference of opinion can foster critical thinking and better decisions.

But this only occurs if both sides are willing to listen to the ideas of the other.

That is not the case in Goliad as danders are raised and a defensive poster is the norm for most conversations.

Both sides blame the other, which is accurate as both share fault. 

This isn’t to say that there are not problems within the county in need of serious review. But address them with a level of civility that does not cause those in the community to turn their heads and sigh in disbelief.

This court needs to correct the financial problems that occurred in the past. 

The world has changed, and not everyone can be trusted with a handshake agreement. The state has rules in place that every county must follow, even Goliad. If bidding for projects is required, then do it to the letter of the law.

If illegal or unethical events occurred, then those responsible should be held accountable for their actions.

But as this court moves forward, all of those who lead this county — all elected and hired employees — need to take a lesson we learned as children. Keep your voice calm and show due respect to others.

Remember, it is far easier to pull the cart up the hill than to push it.

Goliad could see significant growth in the coming years — a necessity if it wants  to stay alive. But this will not happen unless everyone puts aside their differences and works together. 

Monday’s commissioner court meeting should not have to come with a PG13 rating.

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