It has been three long months of waiting, but the Goliad stock show sale is finally going to happen.

These children have been patient, and that should be rewarded with as much money as this community can muster.

Like everything else this year, this sale will be quite different.

As the competition was back in March, the animals are no longer around which means buyers will be doing their bidding in front of photos in the open air pavilion.

This isn’t going to be one of those events that people can show support for just by appearing in the stands either. This time, people need to open their checkbooks and offer a bid to help these hardworking youths. Those without enough to buy can join one of the buyers groups and pool their resources to help out the hardworking youth here.

Times are tough, but that doesn’t mean we hunker down and ignore what needs to be done. It’s said that person’s character can be measured not in the good times but in times of adversity.

So let’s show these students just what the business and philanthropic community can do in times of hardship.

Setting a record sale is a lot to ask but not beyond reason. Every dollar counts.

This is the money that will be used to buy college books and pay for classes as these students eventually head off to college to continue their education. 

This is the money that will come back to Goliad exponentially in the form of an educated youth able to help another generation of students better themselves.

The sale is July 18, so don a mask, give some space in your seating and raise those bidding cards high and frequently. Let’s help these kids know that this community will rally together in the tough times.


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