I am deeply saddened by the Refugio ISD school board caving in to the politically correct and retiring the Refugio High fight song, Dixie, because some find the song “offensive,” “racist,” or “horrendous.” The song is none of those things. It simply expresses the author’s love for the South and his desire to return to Dixie. It is a great American song, and the anthem of the South, of which Texas is a part.

It has become commonplace for certain people to loudly declare some aspect of Americana “offensive” and “hurtful” to them, and, in an effort to publicly display their superior virtue, demand some kind of action by the authorities. Public authorities should simply ignore these people, no matter how much they may rant on social media.

I realize there are some few people who honestly feel “hurt,” “frightened,” and “offended” by classic Americana, such as Dixie. School boards do these people no favors by pretending their irrational fears are justified. The kindest thing that can be done for these people is to point out their error, and if that does not suffice, suggest they seek mental health counseling and try to get over their problem. To pretend their debilitating feelings have merit by going along with their unreasonable demands is as harmful to them as it is impoverishing to society.

Terry Breen, Goliad