I am a resident of Goliad and can by no means be considered a carpetbagger. My family has been here for two hundred years. I am however a supporter of our county judge, treasurer and auditor. This is just my opinion and near as I can figure opinions are not illegal . . . yet. Since the last election these men have been facing the same kind of resistance President Trump has been facing in Washington D.C. Possibly from the same playbook.

It seems that several of the county commissioners and our county attorney (who does not reside in Goliad County) are trying to obstruct anything our judge, treasurer and auditor try to do to get Goliad out of the financial straits we are in. At the last “special” county commissioners hearing the commissioners voted to put $100,000 into the account of the commissioner for Precinct 1. Seems a little odd when there is only about a month until the end of the fiscal year. It looks to me like the county commissioners are doing anything they can to keep funds out of the general fund so the county remains broke, and they think they by doing this they can pressure the judge, treasurer and auditor to do their bidding.

Again, just my opinion, but it seems to be, after attending many commissioners court hearings, that several of the commissioners can’t read a budget, spreadsheet or most any financial document dealing with the county’s finances. At the last “special” county commissioners hearing I watched our absentee county attorney hand deliver talking points to the commissioner of Precinct 1. I was sitting close enough to hear him go over the points with the commissioner of Precinct 1.

It appears to me we have a serious problem in Goliad County, and if we don’t do something to correct the issues of our country commissioners, Goliad County will be well on the road to bankruptcy. If this is the road we take, our taxes will go through the roof. This will create a climate that will be detrimental to new business growth. An old axiom in any business class is if you are not growing you’re dying. What do we want for the future of Goliad?

Jeff Sellers, Goliad

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