I’m a recycler. I always have been since such programs began. When I taught school, my kids were involved in a paper recycling program. When I lived in Corpus, my neighbors each had one recycling bin, I had five. I return all my plastic bags to H-E-B. I burn our paper waste when there is not a burn ban. Recycling is very near and dear to my heart.

But, here I sit with six- 40 gallon bags of plastics, glass and aluminum and no place to take them because I live in the country and the Goliad recycling center is off limits to me.

It is my understanding that the only people who can use it are the ones the city can bill three dollars a month. And, because they have no way to charge those of us in the country, we are denied the use of it.

They have hired a monitor so no one but city people can have access to the collection point. I understand that the city does not want the monitor to have to handle money that could be collected from county residents, but surely a solution can be found so that all of Goliad County can use the center, if so desired.

This is my proposition: I would be willing to go to City Hall and pay my yearly dues of $36 for which I would get some type of official paper to show the monitor that stated that I have paid my fair share of the cost. It seems like this would be a good idea for the city, also, as more money would be coming into their coffers. I’m sure other county residents who want to do their part of keeping so much plastic, glass and other recyclables out of the landfill wouldn’t mind sharing the cost also.

I’m hoping that someone on the City Council will take this idea and run with it. It would be a win-win for all parties concerned.


Darlene Montague, Goliad