I just read the comments alluded to me in your Vietnam Memorial article. Play your entire recording of my visit with you and also reflect on our fairgrounds conversation. I don’t thank you will find me stating I had no use for Vietnam era veterans in your recording or conversation recollection. 

I also don’t recall mentioning Vietnam era veteran patches, never have seen one. I did say I did not like ‘posers’, those that act as though they were Vietnam veterans and were, in fact, not.

I did say that I had a problem when the phrase “Vietnam era veteran” first came out because many people confused that with “Vietnam veteran.” This occurred at a time when the country was attempting to “Welcome home Vietnam veterans” in the early ’80s with political proclamations and resolutions.

I do recall telling you that any veteran than served their country honorably were all equal in my esteem, whether they served in combat or not. I despise liars (posers), something that I encountered when I first tried to attend a Vietnam Memorial Wall in Rockport many years ago. 

I made mention to you at the fairgrounds how pleased I was to see the many Vietnam veterans in attendance, and I did not see anyone I felt to be a ‘poser’.

I lost friends and classmates in Vietnam. I was extremely impressed with the Memorial Wall and the program provided that day. I’m sorry for the impression I apparently gave you.

I ask that you print this in your letters to the editor so that my fellow veterans do not have any misconceptions concerning my feelings towards them.

Steve Kennedy, Goliad