It seems that our fearless leaders (I use this term very lightly) have managed to saddle Goliad taxpayers with the highest tax rates in the area. I ask the voters of Goliad County – Is this really what you want? How much longer will we, the taxpayers, continue to bail out these elected officials with our hard-earned money while they continue to earn a full-time salary for doing a half-day’s work? 

I cannot believe they even work a half-day in spite of all their arguments to the contrary. These officials have taken the easy way out. “Let the taxpayers bear the burden of our stupidity,” they say. “They’ll keep electing us and we don’t have to think nor be accountable for what we do,” they taunt. What happened to all the campaign promises? Lot of good ideas were presented, but our elected officials are afraid to act. Maybe our county judge will not renege on his promise to only serve one term. The taxpayers of Goliad County cannot afford another four years like his first term seems to be heading. Not my budget he says. I remind him, the buck stops at your office. This retired taxpayer, living on a fixed income, is tired of giving our elected officials the benefit of the doubt. How can they say with a straight face that their constituency does not mind the high taxes? Humbug. When is the last time they visited with them? Someone answer me this? Will the taxpayers of the city of Goliad be picking up a major portion of the Road and Bridge Tax? 

In simple terms, will a city of Goliad taxpayer pay the tax on the full valuation of his property while a rancher or farmer, because he has an agricultural exemption, pay the Road and Bridge Tax only on the one acre his home is on. The rest of his property will be taxed at the agricultural exemption rates. If so, again, our elected officials have sold us down the river. Mr. Tax Assessor, Mrs. Mayor – One of you, please, put my mind at ease.

Ernest Alaniz, Goliad