Headline today in the Victoria Advocate. “Coleto Creek Power Shutting Down by 2027.” If there was ever a wake-up call for our Commissions Court this should be it. We already know our Commissioners cannot add or subtract., so I’ll make it simple. In about six more years Goliad will lose its largest revenue generating entity.

This is tragic for us taxpayers. Does our Commissions Court expect us taxpayers to pick up the deficit?  This has been their policy for the last few years.  Raise taxes and property values so that they can balance the budget - which still has not been balanced. Already our taxes and property values are so high that Goliad is unable to attract residents. I heard recently that a couple decided not to move to Goliad because the taxes are too high. Goliad is a county that has no businesses nor opportunities for Economic development. Add to that our demographics which have a large part of our population living on a fixed budget and you have the formula for a slow decline of our population.   

It won’t, unless our Commissioners Court begins to address the issues that have led to our current predicament. All I see from our Commissioners Court is petty bickering and arguing over insignificant issues. Unless they start to address the real issue of the county, I predict a slow decline of the county.  

A lot of good suggestions were raised at the election two years ago. What happened to them? Sure, Goliad will have to tighten its belt and there will be some changes that may not be agreeable to everyone. Still they will need to be implemented. The alternative is worse.    

I read somewhere that, “above all else, our public servants should serve the public.” I ask, in our taxpayers and voters’ opinion, “Are our public servants serving the people of Goliad?” Or are they just looking only to get elected for another term?  I submit, if the public servants are not serving us, then let’s vote them out of office.  

It’s time to make the hard choices. We need “thinkers” and “doers” in the Commissioners Court. We do not need someone whose only yardstick is how to get elected for another term.  

The voters deserve some of the blame. We have failed to hold our public servants accountable. We have failed to use the ultimate censorship - the polls.  

This in no way absolves the Commissioners Court. After all, they are citizens of the county also.  

I know what I am saying probably does not sit well with many people of Goliad County, especially our Commissioners Court. I am only pointing out the reality. Ladies and gentlemen, we have five years to act or face the consequences.  Myself, I am scared for Goliad.

Ernest Alaniz, Concerned Goliad County Resident


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