If you haven’t been by the Goliad County Library to see the extensive remodeling of its interior, you should. Library Director Claudine Janota has completely redone the library with changing use of spaces, new book shelves and furniture and much else.  

It was done at the cost of $85,000, all from grants and gifts, not a penny of Goliad taxpayer money was used!

These improvements to an already exceptional library are important to the local community’s library uses, but also important in another way.

Goliad is seeking to increase its tax base with new businesses. One of the tools for recruiting new enterprises is to sell the quality of life of the community for a new company’s employees.

Our newly remodeled library coupled with good schools, parks and historical sites is an important factor in showing that Goliad is an exceptional town to live in and to raise your children in.

Thanks to the library for making this contribution to the “selling” of Goliad.

Raymond Starr, Goliad