Several weeks ago I read a letter to the editor sent by Jeff Sellers, a resident of Goliad, a resident whose family had been here for two hundred years. It struck me that a resident with two hundred years of family history in the Goliad area has been invested in “all things Goliad” for most of his life.

I have only been a resident in Goliad County since 2006. I have loved living here and plan for this to be my home for the rest of my life. It is a great little town with many wonderful people; however, I have been somewhat confused by what I have seen in Goliad politics and city and county management. 

I live in Goliad County but not in the city limits; therefore, I cannot vote in any city elections, but I do keep up with what goes on in the city government as well as the county.  

Since moving here I have heard over and over again that Goliad cannot grow and is not welcoming to new businesses because “the powers that be” want to keep it as it is.  Who are these “powers that be”?  No one will answer that question.  

There seems to be so much squabbling among the county commissioners and within the city elected officials. I was hopeful that things might improve after Judge Bennett was elected. I felt that his love of Goliad and not being part of the “powers that be” would be helpful, as well as his ability to see things as they are and how they could be improved. 

From what I’ve seen, I agree with Mr. Sellers’ comparison of the resistance to Judge Bennett, the treasurer and the auditor to be similar to the playbook we see used against President Trump. Sadly, there appear to be those who are not thinking what might be best for the residents of our city, our county and our country. God Bless America!

Beverly Batey, Goliad County

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