Something to satisfy the German tastebuds

This dish of Sauerkraut with Peppers and Meatballs went well served over mashed potatoes. (Photo by Darlene Montague)

Here is another recipe my cooking friend, Alissa, posted about last week in Germany. She says it is something that she makes quite often as it goes together so fast when she needs to put supper on the table in a hurry. I had to try it because this German girl does like sauerkraut and I had never heard of a sauerkraut dish made with either peppers or meatballs. 

She starts her recipe with sauteing fresh peppers and onions, but since I had a bag of peppers and onions in the freezer, I went with those instead. This also cuts down on the prep work. I made a batch of normal meatballs for Bil and reserved some for this dish. I have to have potatoes in some form any time I eat a sauerkraut or cabbage dish. This was really good served over mashed potatoes.

Sauerkraut with Peppers and Meatballs

• 1 bag (20 oz.) frozen medley of red/green peppers & onions

• 2 Tbsp. butter

• 2 tsp. sweet paprika

• 1 tsp. smoked paprika

• 1 small can tomato sauce

• 2 cups beef stock (from a box)

• 1 large (32 oz) jar sauerkraut*, drained and rinsed

• 2-6 Tbsp. apple butter**

• Cooked homemade meatballs or cooked frozen ones, defrosted

 In an extra-deep frying pan, sauté the frozen peppers/onions with the butter until they are thawed and most of the water has evaporated. Add in the paprikas, the tomato sauce and the beef stock. Drain and rinse the sauerkraut and add in to the mixture.

Add some apple butter to slightly sweeten and counterbalance the sauerkraut. Put in the cooked meatballs and heat everything together. Serve over mashed potatoes.

Cook’s Notes: *Get a good brand of sauerkraut. I used Vlasic and it was a big mistake. My taste buds did not like that brand at all. Hence, the wide range of the amount of apple butter. I was trying to balance Vlasic’s intense sour with a bit of sweet, but their kraut is really, really sour. If you don’t have apple butter, try apple sauce or even grated apple to give it a little sweetness.

**My apple butter was homemade so it was not as sweet or heavy with cinnamon as store bought.

Alissa’s recipe also called for ground caraway seeds. I did not have those so left them out. Next time I will use the sauerkraut in the can that already has the caraway in it. It is my favorite as it is not as sour as others.

Mashed potatoes really rounded out this dish. I used a package of instant Golden potatoes.

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