Citizens finding help through food distribution events

Connie Williams enters the drive-thru service while Justin Meyer collects the information from the resident of Karnes County. Williams was fourth in line as she arrived at 5 a.m. that morning. (Photo by Chris Filoteo)

by Chris Filoteo


KARNES COUNTY – Residents shared their experiences after participating in a San Antonio Food Bank distribution event Oct. 5.

“I’ve been coming here for two years and I don’t miss it,” Connie William said. “I’m on disability, so I’m limited on income. The SNAP program helps  a lot and these events. It’s really wonderful they do this.”

Approximately 207 families were reached during the event, according to Karnes County Food Bank Administrator Justin Meyer.

Teresa Ochoa has been going to food distributions for a decade and shows up at 5 a.m. to get in line.

She was fifth in line at the last event.

“It’s a good thing the county is doing, but I was concerned they did away with senior food,” she said. “I’ve been coming for ten years, but it’s getting to where if you don’t fill out the paperwork you just don’t go. We are seniors. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and I don’t work.

“This month they started asking for an ID, but we have a pass this time. My son doesn’t have an ID and can’t get one soon and that’s a concern.”

The San Antonio Food Bank, in conjunction with Karnes County, has conducted food distribution events throughout surrounding counties, including Karnes County to help ensure family’s that need help receive food.

The distributions help hundreds of people at every event.

“I’ve been here a couple of times,” Carlos Gonzalz said. “I’m on social security and it helps a lot. When you’re on a budget, any little thing helps.”

There are two monthly food distribution events slated for 2020 left: Nov. 2 and Dec. 7.

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