Editorial column:

As we delve into July with COVID-19 cases increasing, but more importantly recovered positive test patients as well.

The fatality rate is low, but just as other viruses that can become deadly COVID is just as easily transmittable.

The recovered cases far exceed the amount of deaths in any county, but one shouldn’t brush off the notion of contracting the virus.

If you have questioned the possible symptoms for COVID, there are many different options to find where to get tested.

If you read the newspaper often, perhaps you fumbled upon such information regarding free testing events hosted by the county.

Or, you can inquire through your physician about how to get tested.

Since COVID hit in March, the nasal swab test has been the gold standard throughout all testing measures.

I remember that because the District Coordinator of the Texas Divisions of Emergency Management, Tony Gross, said that during an LEPC meeting in McMullen County last month when I attended.

Medical professionals have stated the nasal cavity holds the most concentrated part of the virus.

Well just within the last couple of weeks, the free testing events hosted by a county has introduced a new oral swab test.

The patient coughs into his/her mouth a couple of times before self-administering the oral swab along his/her cheeks.

At the free testing events the new oral swab is used, but if you want to make sure and not have a possible false negative find a place you can get the nasal swab test taken.

I didn’t mention the antibody test simply because it’s the least effective and highly probable cases arise.

Nevertheless, how ever you choose to take a test they are readily available through various agencies.

We will get through this together. We have to stay strong and maintain safe measures during this time.

But remember, spending time outdoors will help a little sometimes.

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