Where The Sidewalk Ends

The walking trail along the Escondido Creek Parkway in Kenedy abruptly ends where County Road 367 meets.

KENEDY – County road 367 near the Escondido Creek Parkway that is adjacent to Joe Gully City Park will remain a dirt road after a recent commissioners court meeting.

A 3-2 vote of opposing a motion to approve $128,166 for a donation to San Antonio River Authority to improve CR 367 while the ECP project is nearing an end.

A tentative grand opening has been set for September 26, but the park’s walking trail abruptly ends at the county road.

Commissioner Shelby Dupnik, along with Commissioner Sharon Chesser voted in favor of approving the motion while Commissioners Benny Lyssy (via telephone) Sean O’Brien and Judge Wade Hedtke opposed the motion.

The agenda item was discussed in previous commissioners court meetings.

“We had it on the agenda a couple of weeks ago,” Judge Hedtke said. “The amount initially on the agenda item last meeting was $129,450 and I voted not in favor of full amount, however I think we can make some type of donation.”

Commissioner Precinct 3 O’Brien said, “I made a motion not to pass it at that last meeting because Mr. (Wayne) Gisler had a different number at that time.”

Commissioner Dupnik added, “I would like to fund the whole project. We are funding San Antonio River Authority not the city of Kenedy. This concerns the amount of money not the project itself. SARA does a lot for Karnes County with flood mapping and cleanup.”

Commissioner Lyssy expressed the concerns of citizens in his precinct that favor to wait on making a donation until next year.

“We don’t even know if schools are going to open,” Lyssy said on speaker phone. “With the way things are right now, we feel it’s best to sit on it and wait until the new year.”

Judge Hedtke leases the property that has access to the county road.

“Only two families have access to that road,” he said. “Very seldom do I have to go through that gate. Other than the families, there is nothing good that will come with that.”

Commissioner Chesser added,” It should be accessable for the county. We don’t know what the future holds and we want to continue progress. We should proceed working with SARA, or donating another amount.”

September 26 is tentatively scheduled for the ECP grand opening.

Chris Filoteo is the editor at the Karnes Countywide and can be reached at 830-254-8088, or at karnes@mySouTex.com.

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