Raising its hand first

Falls City ISD nurse Kelly Pawelek goes over what the noninvasive COVID-19 testing kit includes in her office. Nurse Pawelek will administer the tests amongst faculty and students on campus. (Photo by Chris Filoteo)

by Chris Filoteo


FALLS CITY – Beginning this week students and faculty can be tested for COVID-19 on campus.

Falls City ISD Superintendent Todd Pawelek was informed of the program after Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath recently reached out two weeks ago.

“I am a member of TEA rural school advisory council and he (Morath) asked all superintendents of the council if they would like to pilot the rapid testing,” he said. “I believe this testing will soon be available to all school in Texas.”

The 15 minute wait for results will exponentially help everyone on campus.

“I do believe this will significantly expedite the testing time line and will be extremely convenient for all o four staff and students,” Pawelek said. “We will have results of the test 15 minutes and can take whatever action that is necessary to keep everyone safe. We will use the test for both staff and students who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.”

The school nurse will administer the tests after proper training.

“Nurse Kelly Pawelek has registered for the required training and it will be completed early this week,” Pawelek said. “After we receive the required training and receive the test kits we will begin testing immediately.”

Pawelek added, “There is no out of pocket cost to Falls City ISD.”


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