Food Bank reaches 210 citizens

Volunteers gather boxes prepared for family's at a Mega Distribution event at the Karnes County Showbarn last week. (Contributed photo by Justin Meyer)

KENEDY – Karnes County hosted a Mega Distribution Food Bank event as 210 families received essential groceries last week.

A Food Fair was canceled June 17, which was a quarterly event leading up to the Mega Distribution.

“Just the last food fair was canceled, but that was due tot he lack of surplus food at the San Antonio Food Bank,” Karnes County Food Bank Administrator Justin Meyer said. “Food fairs are when the San Antonio Food Bank has a surplus of food and they give it away for free once a quarter to their partners.”

The recent event served 21,000 pounds of food with 22 volunteers helping with the distribution.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, food bank distribution events averaged serving over 300 families, but now the numbers are surfacing back to par.

“Our numbers are actually getting back to normal,” Meyer said. “We generally will serve one hundred and seventy five to two hundred and twenty five families per distribution, but when COVID-19 first hit we were serving over three hundred families per distribution. In this last event, we distributed to approximately two hundred and ten families.”

The staff and volunteers take rigourous precaution when receiving, packaging and distributing the food to families during the event.

“We are caution with our volunteers and citizens trying to keep everyone safe during these events,” Meyer said. “We have created rules for everyone to keep them safe with PPE and procedures during the event.”

The next Mobil Food Distribution is August 3 at 9 a.m. at the Karnes County Showbarn.

“If anyone has any other questions please have them call me at the Karnes County Judge’s Office,” Meyer said.

Judge Wade Hedtke’s office number is 830-780-3732.

Informative information is provided by Karnes County on its website at for citizens.

1) What Information do I need when I get to the distribution?

•We need to know you full name, address, household income, number of members of the household and what federal programs (if any) you are currently on. 

2) If my family doesn’t meet the income guidelines but we have been affected by COVID-19 do I qualify?

• Yes, if your family is faced with loss of income, work hours or their job(s) you do temporarily qualify with new TDA funding. 

3) My family member needs food but they cannot pick it up. How can I get them this assistance?

•Anyone can be a “Proxy” for a citizen who cannot make the distribution with their permission. 

NOTE: Please remain in your car during the entire distribution to protect everyone’s health. We also ask only one person per family in the vehicle during the distribution.

The next distribution is set for June 1 at 9 a.m. at the Karnes County Showbarn.

The 2020 schedule is as follow and is subject to change: August 3 (Food Fair); Sept. 8 (Tuesday); Sept. 16 (Food Fair); Oct. 5; Nov. 2: Dec. 7; Dec. 16 (Food Fair).

Chris Filoteo is the editor at the Countywide and can be reached at 830-254-8088, or at

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