Karnes County – The 2020 Census is required under Title 13 of the U.S. Code. The census is conducted every 10 years. 

Karnes County participation is needed for several reasons. 

A correct or complete count affects the amount of funding per person example ($1,500) per registered with the census and affects state and federal elected officials congressional and senatorial districts per George Washington University Study.

Some areas of Texas will gain population and some will loose based on the final count of the census.

Karnes County with the Commissioners Court has formed a Census County Committee.

The CCC is comprised of Commissioners Court members, City of Karnes City, Chamber of Commerce members Karnes City and Kenedy, and citizens that volunteered for the committee to include the Wesley Nurse.

The CCC recently met with training that was conducted by Richard Castanon Census/DN Fed. He presented a workshop and guided the committee with several ways to get the word out.

The CCC has established a schedule to achieve the goal of attaining the 2020 Census count:

•Education Phase; October-December 2019

•Awareness Phase; January-April 2020

•Motivational Phase: March-May 2020

•Reminder Phase; May-July 2020

•Thank you Phase; July 2020 

Calender of Events

March 1 2020; Letters start being mail out for the 2020 Census

March 12, 2020; The internet option goes live. You can register on the internet.

March 23,2020; Last day to receive letter about the 2020 census

April 1 2020; National Census Day

Census workers will be knocking on doors in an attempt to seek out those who haven’t responded or assist those that need help.

May 2020 Post Card reminders will be mailed out reminding to participate in the 2020 Census Count.

2020 Census is in need of Workers for Karnes County. 

If interested visit: www.census.gov/field jobs; www.2020census.gov/jobs; or www.usajobs.gov.