KARNES COUNTY – The county will purchase an asphalt zipper after Road & Bridge Engineer Wayne Gisler presented to the commissioners the benefits of having that particular machine at a meeting Nov. 27.

“It’s going to increase operation and change how we manage paving projects,” Gisler said to the commissioners.

“We will have a four- to five-person team going around the county fixing patches. 

“This non-wheel assist asphalt zipper will make it easier to move around during projects.”

The cost of the machine is tax exempt at $185,400.

“Through product demonstration and testing with peer counties we were able to cut that price down by $87,000,” Gisler said.

“We can have a five year payout with an annual payment.”

In other news, Karnes County EMS Director Brian Kelley presented a second quote for a command vehicle as previously budgeted for in the FY 2020 budget.

“I have a second quote from Witte Inc. in Karnes City,” Kelley said.

The EMS is looking to purchase an F150 4x4 pickup truck for its command vehicle.

The original quote provided by Kelley at a previous commissioners court meeting was from Alexander for $33,449.76 while a quote from Witte Inc. was $39,500.

The court approved the purchase of the command vehicle purchased from Alexander.

Another agenda item discussed was allowing the KC Road & Bridge department to bring in road millings and use them to improve the parking pad for the EMS unit in Karnes City.

“It’s to help the parking area for the unit since it gets bad when it rains,” Commissioner Shelby Dupnik, Precinct 1, said.

“There are some water issues in the parking lot and that’s what this will help with.”

In other matters, the commissioners approved the issuance of out-of-cycle payment to Don Krueger Construction Company for pay application No. 8 ($17,231.24) and pay application No. 9 ($32,675.28) totaling $49, 906.52.

The construction was for the HVAC system that had water leaks inside the office on the square in Karnes City.

Moreover, Karnes County Judge Wade Hedtke proclaimed November 2019 as National Hospice and Palliative Care Month.

The next scheduled commissioners court meeting is set for Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. in the Karnes County Historic Courtroom.