Downtown chase ends with arrest

A wild chase thrpugh downtown Karnes City came to an end when the driver of the stolen truck went out of control and ran through a stop sign and into the brush at the end of Calvert Street last week.

KARNES CITY – Sirens blared and flashing lights blazed through downtown Karnes City Wednesday around lunchtime as local police chased and then apprehended a suspect in a stolen vehicle.

According the Karnes City Police Chief Roel Salas, the vehicle was a late model Ford F-150 pickup which was reported stolen on Sunday.

“The owner went into the convenience store, and when he came back out his truck was gone. We had been looking for the vehicle since Sunday,” Salas said.

A twist to the story was that the truck stolen on Sunday had changed color. The truck was red originally, but the officers had heard it might have received a paint job, and now the truck was white.

City police officers spotted the truck in the 1000 block of East Calvert Avenue on Tuesday and hit their lights to attempt to stop and pull the suspect over.

Once the flashing lights of the police vehicle came on, the driver in the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed down Calvert Avenue with the original officer in pursuit and was followed closely by additional police and sheriff department vehicles.

The chase did not last long. The driver of the stolen truck appears to have lost some control at a curve in Calvert and struck a stop sign erected at North Cleveland and Calvert and then proceeded off road and into the trees.

Damage to the front end of the truck was extensive, and the driver had to be assisted out of the vehicle by the EMS arriving on the scene shortly after the crash.

“The information I received on the occupant was that he had a broken right leg and a broken right arm,” Salas said.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Jesus Jacquez from Corpus Christi.

“Information gathered from the driver indicates he has been homeless but living in and around Kenedy and Karnes City at various houses and locations,” the chief said.

Charges brought against Jacquez included unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, evading arrest and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon/motor vehicle, as he allegedly came close to running down a couple of officers during the incident.

Former editor of Karnes Countywide, Beeville sports