In this day and age, social media is one of the quickest methods of informing the public with any news information.

I want to start off by apologizing for my Facebook post on The Progress’ page the Friday of spring break.

I, unfortunately, didn’t catch my mistake until I published it on Facebook. I deleted the post and later posted a correction.

First, my intentions were not to post incorrect information but to help inform the public through a medium not applied as much on our part.

I take full responsibility for posting incorrect information on The Progress’ Facebook page.

Accountability during a time like this is critical for society, along with transparency.

We have to hold each other accountable when times become hectic.

The vast majority of schools in the Countywide/Progress coverage area announced measures taken in accordance to a state of emergency made by Governor Greg Abbott recently.

Some schools made decisions to extend spring break before the UIL made a statement stopping activities until March 29.

At this point, it’s a day-to-day issue with what is going on with the coronavirus pandemic.

Because that is what it truly is right now.

Everyone rushing to hoard toilet paper and/or lysol must be held accountable as well.

Why in the world do you need so much toilet paper?

Then, you have people upset at the toilet paper hoarders but have a stockpile of ammunition to last an eternity.

This is not a political statement but just a point of reference used as an example.

My point being: everyone is held accountable in times like this.

If you aren’t freaking out and have been carrying on in life as if nothing is wrong, that is what we all want.

But, I live in San Antonio with a family of three children under 10 years old.

Fortunately, none of my children and wife have underlining health conditions that could lead to issues with the coronavirus.

However, we must remain aware of how important it is to simply wash your hands.

That is the best advice given that everyone has agreed upon thus far.

I’m not worried about running out of food, but I am worried about a shortage of diapers and other essential baby supplies because people are hoarding pretty much everything at this point.

And I’ve been to the stores in Karnes and Live Oak Counties.

At the times I went, there was no toilet paper or lysol, let alone the essential food items.

This is the best time to reach out and help a neighbor in need if they are lacking essential items.

I was 20 years old before Y2K hit in 2000.

I vividly recall many people freaking out about the new century.

Some people even were worried about flying when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s 2000 that they would fall out of the sky.

Yes, I remember that hysteria.

But now it’s magnified by a gazillion due to social media.

Let’s help out a friend in need during this time if possible.

That is what defines one’s character, right?

It’s not what you do in front of people but what you do by yourself.

At least, that’s what I try to stick with.

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