Karnes City HS Highsteppers perform in spring show

The Karnes City High School Highsteppers performed their spring show on March 29. Team members include Kaylee Franco, Madison Beaver, Arie Trevino, Aracia Hopkins, Lindsey Jonas, Scout Hodges, Annalynn Moczygemba and Arianna Gutierrez. (Photo by Pink Rivera)

Before the Karnes City High School Highsteppers performed their 2021-2021 spring show, their Director Esmeralda Perales set the stage perfectly for them.

She explained the show’s theme “Grow Through What You Go Through” was about the challenges of COVID-19 placed on their team.

The members include freshman Kaylee Franco, sophomore Badger Batallion Arianna Gutierrez, Madison Beaver, Arie Trevino, junior Badger Battalion Acacia Hopkins, senior Major Lindsey Jonas, Captain Scout Hodges and Annalynn Moczygemba.

Perales explained that senior Major Jonas and other officers really stepped up as leaders to help choreograph routines virtually when the team wasn’t able to practice as a team.

The girls, also known as the Karnes City Sweethearts, performed multiple routines with high energy and smiles on their faces. 

The crowd cheered, clapped and even danced along to catchy hip-hop rhythms to encourage the Highsteppers.

Their military routine was accompanied by a recording of Karnes City High School’s own marching band, showing two talented groups ability to work in conjunction for a homegrown performance.

Between upbeat routines, jazz routines and a solo performance, a custom curated slideshow was played featuring photos of the Highsteppers throughout their productive season.



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