KARNES CITY – Many area veterans were honored at the Karnes City Community Chamber of Commerce 2nd Friday Breakfast Nov. 8 at the Columbus Building.

The event was sponsored by GEO Karnes County Detention Facility with HEB, Encana Oil & Gas, Karnes County Sheriff’s Office and Commissioner Precinct 4 Sharon Chesser.

Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva spoke to the audience about safety and upcoming events.

Karnes County Veteran’s Services Officer Don Scee addressed the veterans about resources provided inside the county.

“If anyone has questions, or wants to find more information they can come speak to me,” Scee said.

Scee can be reached on Fridays at 830-780-3925, or by email at don.scee@co.karnes.tx.us. The event ended with a group of the veterans in attendance.

In no particular order are the veterans that attended: Shirley Sawyer; Robert Sawyer; Jerry Vajdos; Jim Weiss; Laura Weiss Johnson; Rey Villanueva; Elfren Moczygemba; Fernando A. Salinas; Homer Lott Jr.; Adrian Wiatrek; Juan Morales; Thomas Moy Jr.; Leroy Skloss; Joshua Acosta; Tony Martinez; Charles Norman; Shelby Buehring; Frank Kruciak; Javier Reyes; Rosa Cavazos; Don Scee; Shelby Dupnik; Gina Sanchez; John Noone, and Gary L. Deskin.

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