Escondido Creek Parkway project gets $1.2 million investment

Pictured above is an artists rendition of what the Escondido Park would look like near the U.S. Highway 181 bridge in Kenedy.

KENEDY - The Kenedy Chamber of Commerce and the 4B Community Development Corporation recently announced a $1.2 million dollar investment in support of the Escondido Creek Parkway Project.

The donated funds will be utilized towards the design and development of the Escondido Creek Parkway Project, which is being managed by the San Antonio River Authority (SARA).

The estimated project budget is currently set at $3.4 million with $400,000 allocated for design and permitting and $3 million for construction costs.

“SARA has worked closely with local officials and the community to develop the vision for Escondido Creek for the benefit of the residents and newcomers,” said Karnes County SARA board of directors member Gaylon Oehlke. “We are extremely grateful to the Kenedy Chamber of Commerce and the 4B Community Development Corporation for their support in this project as these funds will help bring a highly visible and inviting amenity to the heart of Kenedy.”

The Kenedy Chamber has planned for a $100,000 investment to be designated for the project through their 2017 fiscal year budgeting process with an additional commitment of $200,000 to be provided in the future.

The 4B Community Development Corporation will provide $300,000 in funding in their fiscal year 2017 budget and has agreed to provide an additional commitment of $600,000, which will be spread out over their 2018-19 fiscal years.

The project has also been made possible through land donations from the Hailey Family Partnership and Wells Fargo.

“The Kenedy Chamber of Commerce supports projects that help our mission to enhance the statewide visibility of our area and Escondido Creek is an untapped resource that can help raise Kenedy’s public profile and attract more visitors to our great city,” said Kenedy Chamber of Commerce executive director Hannah James.

Escondido Creek runs through the City of Kenedy and is a significant tributary in the southern basin of the San Antonio River watershed.

The Escondido Creek Parkway Project, under U.S. State Highway 181, will provide safe passage and recreational enjoyment for children and adults traveling between 5th St., near the center of Kenedy, and connecting Joe Gulley Park, on the west of Kenedy.

The vision for the Escondido Creek Parkway Project is anticipated to include the following items: new concrete hike and bike trail, pavilion, native landscaping, playground, parking lot for 25 spots on east end of project near 5th Street and U.S. Highway 181, benches installed along the trail, trail head and educational signage installed along the trail, water feature and weirs and picnic tables.

“The amenities the Escondido Creek Parkway Project will provide to our community will help improve the quality of life and provide new connections to nature for our residents and visitors,” said 4B Community Development Corporation President Larry Kiesling. “We look forward to seeing the project’s progress so that the community can enjoy this new resource.”

Individuals can support the project by donating to the San Antonio River Foundation (SARF) by check (please note donations to the Escondido Creek Parkway Project).

SARF was created by SARA to serve as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to promote educational, cultural and scientific projects and activities that enhance the conservation, stewardship, restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the land and water resources of the San Antonio River watershed and its tributaries.

For more information on SARF, visit

For more information about the Escondido Creek Parkway Project, contact SARA’s watershed and park operations manager Kristen Hansen at 1-866-345-7272.

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