Parkway project to break ground in December

Jason Clay Jansky photo

Chairman of the Escondido Creek Parkway Oversight Committee Gaylon Oehlke (from left) accepts a donation from Kenedy 4B corporation members Gary Richards, Chairman Larry Kiesling, Felipe Leal, Patsy Marchant, Joe E. Ponish and Doris Pope. The latest donation of $680,000 brings the 4B corporation's total contribution to $1.87 million. Groundbreaking for the project has been set for Dec. 20.

KENEDY – The Escondido Creek Parkway Project has received another large donation as project organizers prepare for the start of construction.

The Kenedy 4B Corporation has pledged another $680,000 to the project, and the money will be used to construct a children’s water play area.

“We had that money in there and 4B is 

supposed to do things for the kids and the community. So if we had that money sitting there, we might as well put it to use,” 4B board President Larry Kiesling said.

Parkway project board President Gaylon Oehlke said the money will be put to good use as the Dec. 20 groundbreaking approaches.

“The 4B board has been very instrumental in helping this project come to fruition,” Oehlke said. “With the groundbreaking in December and so many generous donations, this park is well on its way to becoming a reality for Karnes County.”

Plans for the water play area originally were more modest.

“Gaylon came to me and asked me about it and I said, ‘Well, that’s not big enough.’ So he came back from the drawing board and it was twice as big,” Kiesling said.

This isn’t the 4B corporation’s first donation to the cause. In total, they’ve contributed $1,870,000 toward the completion of the park.

4B funds come from the collection of hotel and motel taxes, and that money can only be spent on economic development projects like parks.