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The John Ruckman House in Helena, shortly after renovations. The house will serve as the setting for the Saturday, May 14, tea jubilee fundraiser and tea party. (Photo by Robert Louis Alvarado)

The Karnes County Historical Society is hosting a unique experience, all at once an effort to inspire the younger generations in the county to learn about the history of their home, but also as a fundraiser for the society itself. 

The event is billed as a tea jubilee fundraiser and tea party, and will be held at the historic John Ruckman House in Helena, with activities planned for both inside and outside of the recently renovated storied home. Some of the activities will include a tour of the home, arts and crafts, a thank you card writing station and, of course, tea and finger sandwiches, all in an effort for attendees to experience a true Victorian-style tea party, for a good cause. 

“We’re just trying to get the younger generations involved in the historical aspects of Karnes County,” said Karnes County Historical Society Vice-President Ashley Espinoza. “The history of our county is important for a lot of folks. 

“While I’m not originally from here, and when I moved here I had to learn the history, there are folks who’ve lived here their whole life who kind of take it for granted.”

The John Ruckman House has been in the process of being renovated by the historical society for several years, and this fundraiser will be one of the first bigger events hosted at the house since. 

“The house has been restored to its original status,” Espinoza explained. “There’s no electricity, there’s no indoor plumbing. There’s only what was available at the time when people were living in the house.”

For Espinoza and the rest of the Karnes County Historical Society, history speaks volumes – and experiencing it even more so.  

“We just want to revisit  our history over and over again,” Espinoza said, concluding, “so we can know how our county was developed, so we can learn from that, and grow from that, all while keeping the history alive.”

The Karnes County Historical Society tea jubilee fundraiser and tea party will be held on Saturday, May 14, at the John Ruckman (526 County Road 300 in Karnes City). Tickets are $25 for one adult and one child and $10 for each additional child. 

For more information, call 409-926-7092 or 830-780-3210.


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