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Kenedy Mayor Joe Baker.

During the city of Kenedy’s regular city council meeting held on Tuesday, Nov. 9, the council discussed several proposed ordinances regarding civil rights, water rates and the abolition of the city’s parks and recs board. 

The council began the meeting by presented former mayor and councilman Randy Garza  with an award recognizing his 22 years of service to the city of Kenedy. They also presented the award to Felipe Leal for his 18 years of service. 

After the presentations, the council got down to business. 

Proposed ordinances of note

• Resolution 21-14 proposes the city adopt a citizen participation plan and grievance procedures regarding civil rights. This resolution also asks the council to adopt a job training, employment opportunity and contracting policy for section 3 residents and businesses, and adopting an excessive force and nondiscrimenation and grievance policy. The council approved the resolution by a unanimous vote. 

• Tabled from the Oct. 12, meeting, Ordinance 21-16 repeals the city’s Parks and Recreation Board Ordincance from Mar. 27, 1972 and abolishes its board of directors. “Last month at the city council meeting, we discussed this, and there was a general consensus from the governing body was that you really wanted to hear what the EDC (Economic Development Corporation),” City Manager William Linn said during his presentation to the council. 

As previously reported, the main idea for this ordinance is to allow the city’s economic development corporation to become the “parent” department, with the current Parks and Recs board moved under its umbrella. 

The EDC met shortly after last month’s city council meeting, and unanimously voted to move the Parks and Recs board to be housed by them.

The EDC’s Gary Richards then explained the move further, adding, “Pending the outcome of this resolution, if you approve it, they are already in place; it automatically falls under the 4B Corporation. If you vote against it, then we’ll be where we were before, and everything continues on as it was.”

Several councilmembers voiced concern of what would happen to the current Parks and Recs board, to which Richards replied that he sees the board becoming a sort of “autonomous group” under the 4B Corporation and that unless the board appointed a member currently in jail, or something else along those lines, they would be able to operate as they previously had. 

After a lengthy discussion, the motion failed by 3-2 vote. 

The meeting’s final major discussion was in regard to Ordinance  21-17, which amends the city’s water and wastewater fee schedule for commercial customers within city limits. While the discussion lingered on the effects the rate increase could have on the citizens of Kenedy, regarding a more deeper exploration of inflation, the council ultimately took no action on the ordinance during the Nov. 9, meeting.   



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