Kenedy Police Department continues to make drugs disappear off their streets.

The month of March involved officers executing four narcotics search warrants and one traffic stop which led to the confiscation of a significant amount of drugs.

“We have seen a change in the type of drugs in the city right now,” said Chief Rick Ashe. “We are seeing a lot more pills than in the past. We still have the meth and marijuana, but the pills are becoming a much bigger issue.”

The traffic stop, which occurred on March 26, involved a short pursuit but eventually the suspect, Jose Jamie Avina of Dallas, was taken into custody.

Ashe reported that Avina was charged with possession of marijuana and 20 pounds of “Mexican Xanax” pills. The approximate street value of the drugs is $60,000; however, a second suspect fled from the scene and there is currently a warrant out for his arrest.

According to Texas Drug Statutes, the penalty for that amount is a first degree felony and could mean life or between a five- and 99-year sentence.

As for the search warrants, Chief Ashe said the investigations ranged from a few days to several weeks.

“Each one is different,” he said. “We have our own team, but we do sometimes get help from the constables office and district attorney office’s K-9.”

Four suspects were charged with multiple drug charges, including possession and delivery of controlled substances and possession of marijuana and synthetic marijuana.

Officers seized over an ounce of meth, over an ounce of synthetic marijuana, 250 various pills including MDMA and approximately $14,000 in cash.

Ashe reported that two illegal weapons were also seized.

So far, 2021 has been a busy year for Kenedy PD with 25 people charged with various drugs. Four of those suspects had firearms at the time of their arrest and three were convicted felons.



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