‘Meeting challenges head on’ in Karnes County

Karnes County Judge Wade Hadtke signs a document in his ofice at the courthouse. Despite a difficult year with economic turmoil and a pandemic, Hedtke said the county is in good shape to overcome those challenges. (Photo by Jeff Osborne)

Despite challenges resulting from COVID-19 concerns and economic fluctuations caused by the falling price of oil earlier this year, Karnes County Judge Wade Hedtke says the county is in good shape financially to weather the storm and that he has strong hopes for the future.

“We’re in good shape budget-wise and looking ahead to next year,” Hedtke said. “Because of hardworking and dedicated people, our county continues to be in good shape despite some pretty big challenges dealing with a world pandemic and some hits to the oil and gas industry.

“This is a great place to work and a great place to live, and it’s really been inspiring to see our community rise to the challenge in times of uncertainty. This community is super strong. People don’t always agree on what decisions are made, but I feel we’ve made the right decisions on behalf of the county. I’ll stand by them, and I appreciate the support of the people who put me in this office.

“If somebody told me within my first two years we’d be dealing with a global pandemic and economic collapse, I’d never have believed them.”

Hedtke said he is protective of the people of Karnes County and is dedicated to doing all he can for them.

“Those are the folks I look out for,” he said. “It’s important to do what’s fair and right for the community because we work for them.”

Despite continued economic and COVID-19 concerns, Hedtke said the county is in a good position to thrive.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the challenges head on because we have a lot of good things going here in Karnes County. There are for sure going to be challenges, but we have great resources and great people here, and that makes all the difference.”



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