Railroad Commission releases data maps for oil, gas production sites

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) launched its first interactive data maps that display information statewide and by individual counties. 

Some of the data show oil and gas production and the locations of abandoned wells going back to 2018. From 2019 forward, the maps will be updated monthly with year-to-date statistics. 

The oil and gas map, which can be found on the Railroad Commission website at https://rrc.texas.gov/oil-gas/research-and-statistics/production-data/oil-gas-production-charts, includes the following features:

• Total statewide oil and natural gas production;

• Two bar graphs showing the top 10 crude oil and natural gas production counties; and

• Individual county pop-up graphics showing county name, crude oil, and natural gas production.

The interactive state-managed plugging well locations and county data map shows the location of plugged wells. Most operators plug their own wells when the wells are no longer productive.