RUNGE – Two new school buses will now serve Runge ISD students after the board of trustees approved purchase during a meeting Jan. 27.

“Runge ISD has many small group activities, academically as well as athletically, that would be better served by using smaller buses,” Runge ISD Interim Superintendent Linda Bettin said.

“The buses are new; one is a 29 passenger, and one is a 14 passenger.”

In other matters, Runge ISD Athletic Director Abraham Vargas discussed a 6-man football program for RISD Junior High.

“It may become an agenda item,” Bettin said.

“At this time, discussion only of six-man junior high football  was mentioned by a board member.

“The athletic director was asked to present some information on the topic.  

“The discussion was very generic and non committal.”

Conversely, the board approved to order a full-service contract with Karnes County for the May 2 election for Districts 2 and 3, along with authorizing the interim superintendent to negotiate and execute the contract.

“Runge ISD hires Karnes County election officials, who have been trained to be in charge of the election poll, for the district,” Bettin said.

Lastly, the board passed on taking action on procedures and timeline for the superintendent search, according to Bettin.

“The superintendent search item was tabled for now,” she said.

The next monthly scheduled meeting is set for Feb. 17.