RUNGE – After a presentation at the regular Runge ISD board meeting Nov. 18, students are eclipsing goals set by the school board, according to Interim Superintendent Linda Bettin.

“Each month the principal reviews a particular goal that was previously set by the school board to show growth (or not) in student learning,” Bettin said.

“The data shows that students are meeting and surpassing the goals that were set.”

Both teachers and students continue to strive for academic success, Bettin said.

“The students are working hard as well as the teachers,” she said.

“Teachers are analyzing individual deficiencies of each student and will work on those particular skills that need to be improved.”

In other matters, the ISD approved the 4-H organization as an extracurricular status for the school and extension agents as adjunct faculty staff.

“It is necessary to approve adjunct staff members for students to attend stock shows and extracurricular 4-H events so they don’t get counted absent,” Bettin said.

Lastly, the search for a permanent superintendent was discussed at the meeting.

“The search has been put on hold for a few months,” Bettin said.

“There is no timeline for the superintendent position to be filled. The board will discuss this again in January or February.”

A special meeting is set for Dec. 16 at 6 p.m. for the FIRST Accountability Rating with a regular board meeting following at 6:15 p.m.