Facebook is useful for a lot of things but it is not a police officer.

That’s a message Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva wants to communicate, urging local residents to call a law enforcement agency when they see suspicious activity or 911 if there is an emergency rather than simply relying on Facebook posts.

“We have a lot of people who are posting things on Facebook, such as when they might be aware of a possible crime or see a suspicious person, but they are not contacting law enforcement,” Villanueva said. “It’s important that people call in if they see or become aware of a possible crime. 

“Sometimes, one of our officers might see a post on Facebook or someone might let us know about something that was posted on Facebook. But it’s important that people contact us directly. We can’t rely on Facebook to help us solve crimes. It’s important that people get in touch with us directly.

Villanueva said it wasn’t just crimes in the county that were sometimes posted on Facebook, but ones occurring within the city limits of local communities as well.

He encouraged people who see a crime to either report it to the Karnes County Sheriff’s Office or to local police departments.

All emergency concerns should be reported by calling 911. For potential crimes which may not be emergencies, call the sheriff’s office at 830-780-3931, the Karnes City Police Department at 830-780-2300, or the Kenedy Police Department at 830-583-2225,

“We definitely appreciate people letting us know about concerns they have, and we are trying to make our communities safer,” Villanueva said. “When they contact us directly, it is a big help.”



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