KARNES COUNTY – Telephone scams are abundant and seem to be making the rounds in Karnes county.

The Karnes City Police Department received a call last week from a local resident stating that someone with the Social Security Administration office called claiming that there is a warrant for their arrest. The reason given for the warrant was hat the residents SSN was being used in money laundering with the drug cartel in El Paso.

The caller goes on to tell them that they will be connected with someone else and a male subject then comes on line. The male identifies himself as Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva. 

The call then goes back to the female who first called who instructs the citizen to go to Wal-Mart or Dollar General to purchase money cars for the amount given to them and proceeds to give them a telephone number to call back once the card(s) are purchased for the numbers on the cards to clear the fines or warrants.

If a call like this is received, contact the Karnes County sheriff’s Office at 830-780-3931 option one or extension 115 and provide law enforcement with the call back number. A deputy will then call them back.