Many law enforcement agencies participate in National Night Out in order to form a solid bond between the community and law enforcement officers.

My first National Night Out in Karnes County started in Kenedy as Kenedy Police Chief Richard Ashe welcomed me to a nicely air conditioned room in City Hall. Children played outside in the bouncy houses while the Kenedy Volunteer Fire Department and Karnes County EMS were outside talking to residents.

The Kenedy event had multiple tables set up with area agencies including the Karnes County Game Warden, Kenedy City Attorney, Precinct 2 County Constable, and others in attendance.

I love spending time hunting and fishing, so naturally I wanted to meet the county Game Warden since I began working at the Countywide.

Karnes County Game Warden Chad Moore was insightful about the area as we talked about kayak fishing and the San Antonio River.

It was great to see the amount of people talking amongst one another in a room completely filled with law enforcement officers.

I’m the oldest of three as my folks are retired Bexar County Sheriff Office Deputies.

My father was a lieutenant for 31 years while my mom was a sergeant for 28 years.

I understand the importance of community knowledge with law enforcement agencies.

First responders aren’t appreciated enough with the amount of selfless work they put forth whether it’s putting an IV in a stranger, or arresting someone for narcotics.

I left Kenedy and made my way to the Karnes City Park where the Karnes County Sheriff Department, along with the Karnes City Police Department were conversing with the public under a pavilion.

By then, the scorching rays from the sun made a slight breeze feel like opening a freezer.

The community children were playing on the playground while two Llamas drew a line for pictures.

I was greeted by Casey Ebron, Assistant Director for the Karnes County EMS, and chatted about an accident we were both on scene for earlier in the day.

As I meandered through the crowd of joyful people having fun, Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva introduced himself.

Shortly after we went to speak with Karnes City Police Chief Roel Salas for a bit.

Not long after, Karnes City Mayor Leroy Skloss stopped to say hello.

I was pleased to see the turnout in both Kenedy and Karnes City as both agencies put on a good event for the community.

It’s the habit I have from growing up where my parent’s taught to show respect for those putting their lives on the line for strangers.

Thanks to both KCPD Chief Salas and KPD Chief Ashe, along with KC Sheriff Villanueva for the hospitality, KC Game Warden Chad Moore and to the Texas DPS State Troopers at the events.