With municipal elections fast approaching, this letter addresses the role of an independent candidate in the elections process. First, an independent candidate runs on the concept that the core values and existence of the community and it’s citizens are held in highest priority. Republican or Democratic political party view should not be a factor in community business decisions. Independent candidate decisions on community issues or concerns are decided on how the outcome of decisions benefit and protect the citizens of the community without regard to political party views. Secondly, votes that support an independent candidate help bring about change that benefit the community and its citizens. Independent candidates ideologies are to implement new concepts, new ideas; this being, the first order of business.

While independent candidate filing is optional, independents must meet many election registration regulations in a timely manner. Independent candidate must provide a voter signature petition based on five percent of elections voter turnout, independents do not have the option to pay a registration fee as allowed party candidates. Voter signatures on petitions must be validated in timely manner. Independents are not allowed to run in the primary elections, only in the November general elections. Nor are independent candidates allowed to announce candidacy or campaign, not until the primary elections are over. And, not until after a primary election runoff should a runoff election be required.

In as much as elections systems may view independent candidates as outsiders or candidates without political party affiliation, this assumption has no merit in an independent candidate’s thought process. Independents are driven by the thought of how their new concepts will benefit the community and their constituents. The how, when and where a new concept is to be implemented; viewing matters as they actually exist, setting boundary limits of a new concept, deciding on a plan of action and implementing realistic measuring systems that take loss into account to ultimately attain a favorable new concept beneficial to the community. Independents believe and are dedicated to new concepts, new ideas and new direction.

Salvador “Chay” Vela