“Every day is an opportunity to serve, worship and communion with out Lord Jesus, the Christ. Psalm 118:24 tells us that, ‘This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.’

“As we read this scripture, we see that God and Jesus has created this day. How do we enter and get started in this day? Can we rejoice and be glad regardless of rain or shine, clear sky or overcast clouds; the day is in each of our abilities to control.

“As a Boy Scout, our motto was “Be prepared.” This motto had to be applied in our lives to be real and to have meaning and import. As Scouts, we learned first aid, camping and cooking skills. Scouts joined with others to form patrols and troops.

“As a scout master in Karnes City, I saw kids become Boy Scouts to go camping, to get outdoors and to have fun. Our Troop 115 did that; we had fun camping out, hiking, cooking and doing the way we were taught such things as first aid, maps and compass, signaling and Morse code, swimming and lifesaving, knot tying, safety and other skills of the outdoors. The skills we taught and practiced prepared us. Then we could ‘be prepared.’

“The Bible and a relationship with Jesus prepare us for life.”

– James A. McClaine (deceased)


My brother wrote this so many can relate to this time in their life in Karnes City! Our daddy was Sykes S. McClane. He had the Ford Dealership in K.C. for over 40 years.

Dorothy McClane Pogue

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