How come Joe Baker is all of a sudden so concerned with the Kenedy city manager and Kenedy city secretary’s pay? The previous city manager made more money than the present city manager. The only difference is the former administrator held a Bachelor’s degree and was a man! The present administrator is a female and has a Master’s degree. So what is wrong with this picture? 

Our current city manager lives in the county, pays taxes, shops locally and promotes the city, including the city employees. I work with many of the city employees and they are happy with the administrator. So, Mr. Baker, what is it? Do you think males are the only ones capable of high paying administrator jobs? Joe, I know you better than this. What is the main reason? Mr. Baker, I wish you the best in your campaign.

Isidro “Stormy” Rossett

Commissioner Pct. 4 (Retired)

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