Letters to the Editor

I’m appalled


I’m appalled. Joe Baker wants the public to believe that our current city manager is unqualified, overpaid and that there was an underhanded deal to put her in that position. Joe’s main claim to fame has been to bash people in the paper or social media to make himself look good and it continues in this situation. 

Barbara was hired by the city council (not by Ken Reiley) after being vetted the same as other applicants. She actually interviewed much better than the others and the council unquestionably hired the right person. Since being hired, she has moved the city forward in services and public relations while enduring the wrath, criticism and harassment of Baker’s group. 

I lost the last election by one vote. Talking to the folks in my district, Barbara was never an election issue. Another fabrication by Joe Baker.

By Joe’s past reporting, it is obvious that he and a few others have a grudge against Barbara. This talk about her qualifications is ridiculous. Joe, you may want to let the public know your qualifications for county judge. 

We have run out of places to drill water wells in our CCN. So the city had to go elsewhere. The most economical area was southeast of Kenedy based on information provided by a trained consultants. The city followed their advice and drilled a test well in the designated area. It was logically the right thing to do. 

The city has been in stage three water restrictions for years with little compliance by large water users. The increase has gotten their attention. At the same time, there has to be money to pay for the work being done to locate another water source. So is there a purpose and a need for rate increases. Of course. 

Plans for water and waste treatment are in place. It’s pretty clear and logical that the first step is to find a viable water source. There is no way to develop costs, number of wells or anything else until that water source is pinpointed, water quality and quantity determined and other information obtained. 

Without a rate increase there will be no new water and there will be no waste treatment improvements. One of the council members backed this plan. How irresponsible can a councilman be when he buckles under the pressure of the haters and tries to put the city in an unrecoverable situation? This group, led by Baker, does not have the best interest of the city at heart and neither does that council person. And it’s obvious.

Are people getting a free ride for utility services? There were some businesses that can be considered large water users that were never put on the water rolls long before Barbara was hired. Barbara is the one who found, corrected and demanded and got restitution from them. 

Come on, Joe, whatever your problem with Barbara is, you need to get over it and let her do her work.

Ken Reiley

The difference is!


The difference in the picture of the Kenedy city manager’s position is very simple. The former city manager is, was and can be a city manager anywhere in Texas, if he chooses, while Barbara Shaw knows no more than the man in the moon about running a city. 

City managers are made, not appointed. It takes years of experience to learn the position of city manager. You cannot follow a city manager around for three months and learn the job, nor is it an OJT (on the job training) position, thus the difference in salary. 

Barbara Shaw, number one, does not need the job, nor the money. Kyle and Barbara Shaw are multimillionaires who have made their money through the oil business. 

It is my understanding that there were at least four applicants with the city manager’s experience who applied for the city manager’s job! But the Kenedy City Council, who have been marching to the tune of the Ken Riley drum for years, did not hire anyone of those applicants; they instead appointed someone with no city manager’s experience or qualifications. So now we get the old Barbara Shaw trademark: “Sock it to the people, they’ll get over it.” 

Remember the bat doo-doo in the old courthouse where we the taxpayers had to pay to move everything into the juvenile boot camp facility and then pay again to have everything moved into the new courthouse annex? 

The city is in the position it is in now because it’s spend, spend, spend. Raises and pay for everyone, and everyone and their mama are running around in those new shiny white pickups with a “City of Kenedy” logo on the doors. Don’t forget we have to fuel those pickups, which is another expense. Our water bill averaged $68 a month; with a new increase, our bill went to $96, then it was announced to the Countywide that the mayor and the new city manager had struck a deal that the 25 percent height would only be half, 12.5 percent. I said, “Thank God,” but did my water bill go down? No...In December our bill went to up to $100 plus bracket, another increase. 

Mrs. City Manager, either you are a liar and have no intention of honoring the deal you made with the mayor or you’re collaborating machine needs fixing because we were gone one week in November, we were not even home. 

City council, you made a monumental mistake by appointing a new city manager. Face it and correct your mistake. You need to do the people’s will that you are supposed to represent.

Ignacio Casarez


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