I would like to introduce my son, Chance Krudwig.  He is a senior at Falls City High School. He has been featured in your newspaper before, for collecting food when TSA was working without pay, and for paying tribute to the Honor Flight San Antonio. He volunteered at the Veteran’s home in Floresville before COVID-19 rendered that impossible.

He is a National Honor Society member, went to UIL state for Entomology and helped the One Act Play do very well last year, ran in regionals for track in the 1600- and 3200-meter run last year, and regional for cross country as a sophomore and junior. His sophomore year with track was cut short due to the pandemic.

At a school as small as Falls City, where the total number of students in K-12 is considerably less than 400, they can’t seem to remember some of their top performers. I hate to think about what kids who perform at an average level feel like – if they feel invisible.

Two years ago, he lettered in cross country. He never did receive his varsity letter. Apparently, they were told after their regional meet to go see the athletic director for their letter. Hearing this second-hand months later, I tried to track down (pun intended) said coach who already had one foot out the door on his way to his new job after the school told me to talk to the coach. Football reigns in Texas, which is understandable, but there are other sports/activities that are just as important to those kids who choose something different.

Last year, I asked again where his varsity letter is.  He won double awards for cross country, what is called the “Beaver Pride” award at the athletic banquet end of year. Still no letter. I don’t believe I see the football players only getting their letters and not being able to wear a varsity jacket until their senior year. They were given a free order for their letterman’s jacket over the summer. Still not sure where that is, maybe it will get here by graduation.

Few supported the football team harder than I, out of my own pocket with no booster club money and as a single mom, with ever changing yard signs/crepe paper/goodie bags/mardi gras beads, cookies, handwritten inspirational quotes, etc  on playoff days, being the statistician for Max Preps, taking the John Wayne Player of the Game hat around the country and world.    

A few years ago,  after moving here and seeing only one lone truck in the field by the marquee to welcome home football players after a playoff loss, I vowed to never let these kids feel like winning was the only they way they got accolades. And to have my son “forgotten” not once, but twice?

Anyone who has been through Falls City has noticed the huge display by the marquee with all the players’ names on it. I noticed my son’s name was absent. While I don’t know who/what/why, what I do know is that, once again, a hardworking high achieving student at Falls City was left off. Perhaps the coach thought he wouldn’t run this year (I didn’t want him to since he worked so hard but couldn’t seem to get his letter and still doesn’t have it), perhaps it was the booster club organizer who didn’t reach out to parents to ask them if they wanted a sign, who knows? All I know is my son, who contributed much to the success of Falls City sports and with straight A’s helps boost their education rankings, is conspicuously absent. 

Carrie Krudwig

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