This letter references the vaccine, our first line of defense against Covid-19, the delta (variant), and other variants.

The pandemic has become a war that has claimed over 650,000 lives in the United States alone; our infection rate has accelerated to 100,000 to 200,000 infections daily, and our death rate has surged to over 1,200 deaths per day. The pandemic is a clear and present danger that threatens our lives daily. The coronavirus is an invisible enemy; one could test negative one day and test positive the next, and ‘woe’ to those who have not been vaccinated. Our hospitals continue to struggle with the volume of the coronavirus cases; some cases require special ventilators to sustain life in patients infected with the Covid-19 virus. Our economy has suffered downturns, and our normal way of life has been impacted with social distancing, masks and constant disinfecting protocols.

Turning to the vaccine, our first line of defense against the virus. In retrospect, our search for a vaccine and ultimately developing an FDA-approved vaccine in a matter of months is a phenomenal medical accomplishment, an act of divine intervention, very much in the same manner that God stopped the serpents from killing people in the desert.

Unfortunately, being vaccinated has become a civil liberty matter with some people; others mistrust the efficacy or effectiveness of the vaccine, and still others fear future health issues from the vaccine and elect not to be vaccinated. The medical profession informs us the results have proven to be detrimental to the point of death for unvaccinated individuals; contrastingly, the vaccinated individuals only incurred minor viral symptoms should one be infected. Medicine teaches us the virus has no age infection boundaries, children, the young, the elderly no one is exempt at any age. The medical profession also informs us the vaccine is our only meaningful alternate defense against the coronavirus. We, ourselves, must consider that our viral war is real and not taking prisoners. We need to stand together in this pandemic, as we said in the beginning,

We’re all in this together. We cannot allow any wayward thought, any ideology or any misinformation to stand in the way of our ‘Common Good’. My church states: “Being vaccinated, unless prevented medically, is an act of love of our neighbor and care for ourselves and our community.”

In the 1918 pandemic, our nation did not have a vaccine; my grandmother, among the hundreds of thousands of people that perished was not that fortunate. The medical profession did not know where to turn or who to ask. Frankly speaking, our nation’s suffering without a vaccine and individuals helplessly perishing in the pandemic of 1918 is a penance for all of us to carry ... thinking aloud, one may consider the helplessly perished people in the 1918 pandemic as being our pandemic martyrs. Today, the coronavirus pandemic stands before us infecting millions, globally, and fatally attacking 2% of those infected the United States. We, me and you, need to stand together, follow medical science and yield to the ‘Common Good’ of our nation. God help us and bless us with good health.

Salvador P. Vela, vaccinated subscriber

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