Runge graduates and lifelong friends graduate from UTSA

Together, Jaden Esparza and Christian Gutierrez conquered the halls of Runge High School and the Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Texas-San Antonio. (Submitted Photo)

Christian Gutierrez and Jaden Esparza, former Runge HS graduates, will walk across the floor of the AlamoDome on May 20 and receive their diplomas from the University of Texas San Antonio. 

“To describe the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with graduation is something that I am still working to understand,” Gutierrez said. “I’ve been at the school for just about 5 years now and put in so many hours studying, working on group projects , going to class and taking exams. All that is over once I walk the stage at the Alamodome. It’s a bittersweet feeling to say the least.”

Gutierrez and Esparza are both graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

“It feels amazing to be done,” Esparza said. I’m so happy that everything that me and Christian have worked for is coming through.” 

The Runge-graduates grew up, graduated high school and tackled UTSA’s 5-year Mechanical Engineering program together. During their time at UTSA, Christian and Jaden earned the highest academic distinctions and earned placement on the Dean’s List and the University Honor Roll. 

“I’m just glad to have worked alongside one of my lifelong friends Jaden throughout our undergrad,” Gutierrez said. “To see our relationship transform from friends to colleagues to brothers is something that I truly appreciate now that the two of us have reached the finish line. I made many friends along the way, and climbed over what felt like a mountain of education. I couldn't be more excited to have finally reached my goal of 5 years and am looking forward to the next steps in my life. ” 

Esparza plans to begin looking for a job close to home and is excited about his next steps in life. 

“College can be scary but once you get comfortable and start talking to people and join  organizations it is a great time,” Esparza said. “I recommend that anyone who is thinking about going just go for it and do the best that you can.” 

Christian is the son of Frank and Leticia Gutierrez. Jaden is the son of Troy and Andrea Esparza.

They will be participating in the UTSA’s Order of the Engineer Ceremony on Friday May 19th at 10 am in the BSE Atrium.

Gutierrez and Esparza will be graduating on May 20, 2023 at 7pm in the AlamoDome.

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