Card skimmer at gas pump

A credit card skimmer was found by the Karnes County Sheriff Office after complaints from customers at the Neal's One Stop Exxon on the hill. (Photo contributed by KCSO)

by Chris Filoteo


KARNES COUNTY –  If you have pumped gas at Neal One Stop Exxon on the hill recently, check your credit card history.

Karnes County Sheriff investigators found a bluetooth skimming device used to compromise customer credit cards Oct. 15.

“We had three complaints from citizens that hard their cards compromised at that store,” Karnes County Deputy Chief Robert Ebrom said. “They were targeting Exxon credit cards and not other ones. We went to work with the security people at the store to check the pumps.”

With innovative technology available, law enforcement officers must remain keen for any indicators.

“On this particular device you have to really know what to look for,” Ebrom said. “Out of the several pumps we found pump number two alerted for a skimmer.”

An approximate $4,200 was calculated between the citizens’ credit cards that were involved.

The skimmer was possibly installed within the last few months, according to Ebrom.

“The scary part is sometime in the last two months someone gained access to those pumps whether they had a key, or tampered with it,” Ebrom said. “The crook can just pull up next to the skimmer and get all of the numbers they want.”

The case remains under investigation, but the device has been removed from the pump by investigators.

“The device was removed and swabbed for DNA,” Ebrom said. “It was submitted to a Bexar County lab, so hopefully we can find a positive match to find a suspect.”

 There is one red flag indicator for citizens to keep an eye out for if paying at any gas pumps.

“Near where you insert your credit card, look for a seal,” Ebrom said. “If that seal is removed and placed back it will say void. Look for that in particular because 90 percent of the time it will show void when the seal has been removed.”

If you have experienced credit card abuse within the county, contact the sheriff’s office.

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