by Chris Filoteo


KENEDY – What used to be a Chinese restaurant is now the latest gun store for enthusiasts.

Jeff Duncan, owner of Texas Precision Guns, said it took two months to clean and completely remodel the building in preparation for opening his store.

“There was so much work to be done with removing the kitchen equipment and deep cleaning the place,” Duncan said. “It was a lot of work.”

Since 2017, Texas Precision Guns has been manufacturing firearms just outside of town, but opened its store for business Oct. 24.

“I have nine firearms I’m working on right now,” Duncan said. “Everything from refurbishing, waiting on parts and people on a waiting list because I’ve been trying to get the store open.”

As a certified gun smith, Duncan can provide services for a variety of gun owners in the area.

“As a licensed NFA store, we can offer short barrel shotguns, silencers, fully automatic, short barrel rifles that are all 386 band with destructive devices included,” he said. I have two other gun smiths working with me with over decades of experience under each of their belt’s. The America Gunsmithing Institute will help me because I still do continuing education every month.

With a variety of ammunition, accessories, firearms and thermal scopes Duncan’s focus is to provide the best service to his customers.

“I want them leaving happy,” he said. “Customer satisfaction is important and I want to meet their needs. If we don’t have it we will do our best to get it. Even if I don’t make a cent on it, as long as they’re happy.”

And for gun enthusiasts that don’t have access to a firing range, Texas Precision Guns is looking to open an indoor range next Spring.

“Next year we will add an indoor shooting range,” Duncan said. “We already sent the blueprints for the range to a company out of Corpus. I’m hoping to have a 10 lane range, but at least five for sure.”

Future plans will expand the storefront even more for next year, which will provide ample space for CHL and hunter education classes.

“We are going to open the building next door in the Spring for our classrooms,” Duncan said. “The students can shoot at our range while taking classes on location. We waited to open the store before setting up classes. We will have to wait until next year for us to become certified to teach CHL, but we will have someone come in for those classes in the meantime.”

Texas Precision Guns is located at 485 North Sunset Strip, Suite 104 and is open seven days a week from 10 a.m.- 8 p.m.

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