Back in the saddle

David Perkins

by Chris Filoteo


GEORGE WEST – After retiring earlier this year, David Perkins is back in the saddle as police chief.

“The city has hired David Perkins as Chief of police for the city of George West,” Interim City Manager Shirley Holm said. “Chief Perkins submitted his application along with the 11 other applicants and was selected as best qualified.” 

Perkins is shooting for Nov. 9 as his official first day back after training students at Del Mar College where he went after retiring from GWPD.

“I took a position training police cadets at the Del Mar College Regional Police Academy,” he said. “I enjoyed teaching the cadets and having the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences in law enforcement, but as time went on, I began to miss the days of running a police department and mingling with the citizens of the community I served.

“The situation was conducive because the community treated me well. I can’t ask for a better support for law enforcement than in Live Oak County.”

Perkins was sworn in Oct. 26 as police chief and looks forward to returning at the helm of GWPD.

“It will be like picking up where I left off,” he said. “The parts are in place to continue where I left off. Nothing is broken and everything is running smoothly. The biggest thing is I want our department approachable to our citizens. I don’t want to look like we are a gestapo. Any kind of style that follows that path is long and gone.

“Our department is strictly there to serve the public and provide ethical law enforcement services. Even though I’m the head of the agency we are all partners.”

One of Perkins’ goals when he returns is to upgrade technology through grants.

“I’m going to look at grants and hoping to possibly upgrade our software,” he said. “Even when I was there last time with a budget constraint, the reporting system we use can be upgraded. The software is the biggest hurdle to get over. It’s all about modernizing our department to get us back up to par. That ball is in motion and hoping we can make it happen.”

Perkins also is ready to return to a community he has been involved with for nearly 18 months before.

“We have built a strong connection with each other and other agencies,” he said about working with area law enforcement agencies. “That is hard to do in many professions. We will continue excellence with law enforcement in and that is what we are striving for.”

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