Celebrating 91st Birthday, Second Book Publishing

George West resident Colleen Black sits in her front yard while celebrating her 91st birthday recently. Black also published her second book, "Cows Trails" leading up to her recent birthday. (Contributed photo)

GEORGE WEST – How many people can take pride in publishing two books?

Well add celebrating a 91st birthday and Colleen Black did just that recently.

Her first published book “Stolen Shoes” is a children’s novel.

Leading up to her 91st birthday, Black published “Cow Trails”, a novel that was inspired by her childhood.

“Whenever my sister and I grew up, we lived at an old oil lease in a shotgun house in the middle of a big ranch,” she said. “Back then, we didn’t have anyone to play with so we played in the brush together. There were little trails from the cows throughout the ranch. We would follow the trails and that’s where the name of the book came from. There were other varmits using the cow trails, so we would never know what we would run up against. The story is about a kid that loved ranching.”

Her first book derived from family memories as well with “Stolen Shoes.”

“I’m very excited,” Black said about publishing a second book. “My first book I wrote for my four-year old great-granddaughter. It’s about kids playing together with a family that moved to an oil lease.”

Plans of a third book is already in the works for Black.

“I have written my twelve chapter in my third book so far,” she said.

“The Mountain” is the name of the third book that will involve overcoming obstacles in life.

“It’s about when problems get to be too big, like a mountain, and how you overcome that and what you do with your life.”

After celebrating her 91st birthday, Black always enjoyed reading books, but waited on pursuing her ambitions of publishing a book.

“For a long time, I didn’t get to do anything with writing,” she said. “I had two boys, a job and life was too busy. I had to wait until things cleared up before I could get back to my writing.”

Chris Filoteo is the editor at The Progress and can be reached at 830-254-8088, or at karnes@mySouTex.com.

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