LIVE OAK COUNTY – Perhaps soon, first responders around the area will have a second radio frequency for dispatching calls.

“Right now, we have one primary channel with fire, EMS and law enforcement together,” Live Oak Emergency Management Coordinator Bobby Jo Stewart said. “It ties up our critical communications at a scene that involves an officer’s safety.”

Stewart reiterated the importance of handling emergency situations in a timely fashion.

“With two separate frequencies, we can have two emergencies going on at the same time and not worry about communicating issues,” he said. “Responding agencies, depending on the emergency, can communicate with dispatch.”

The process of adding an additional frequency for dispatch will take a few months, according to Stewart.

“I anticipate this to take a couple of months,” he said. “There is licensing with the equipment and installing the radio program.”

Chris Filoteo is the editor at The Progress and can be reached at 830-254-8088, or at

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