GEORGE WEST – What once was an idea after learning the art of a true Italian pizza quickly became reality for owner George Chryssos.

As owner of the George West Steakhouse also, George wanted to provide the community with the best pizza around Live Oak County. 

And since 2017, Georgio’s has done just that.

“A lot of people are happy we are here and want to support us,” George said. “We give them a quality product at a fair price. We listen to what the guests want and make adjustments.”

Fortunately, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit Georgio’s hasn’t directly suffered from economical impacts.

“Pizza is more of a takeout item,” George said. “It’s not one of those you have to eat right away. For that reason, I’ve seen it’s easier to get a pizza and feed a family during this time. Here, a family of four can come in and share one pizza.”

From homemade pizza dough, in-house blended cheeses to jumbo wings and freshly made subs, Georgio’s continues to strive for excellence no matter what variables may plan a role in business.

“We are very happy to be here,” George said. “This is a great community that is peaceful and the support has been great. Cheese has gone up 50 percent since COVID hit and we only buy the best. We don’t sacrifice the quality of our products.”

With current COVID-19 regulations as dining room capacities capped at 50 percent, Georgio’s can seat 35 guests with social distancing in place.

“We have been busy with takeout orders, along with curbside services,” George said. It’s harder for the employees since wearing a mask next to a 600 degree oven makes it really hot.”

With an eclectic menu that derived from a trip to the Northeastern part of the United States, George had a vision.

“Throughout my life, I have traveled to the northeast part of the country,” George said. “I gratefully met two Italian gentlemen that taught me the art of pizza. I thought people here would like a good pizza. We aren’t like the corporations where they bring everything in frozen in a truck. Here, you get the freshness of the ingredients and you can taste that in the pizza. We are all family here and you can feel that. Our subs and wings are a hit as well. We make an in-house ranch dressing that is popular for the wings. We utilize fresh vegetables for the pizzas and subs and make the best sauces we can. We recently added pasta as well.”

When COVID-19 initially hit in March, restaurant dining rooms were ordered to shut down, which was a difficult obstacle to quickly overcome.

“Having no dining room was hard and affected consumers,” George said. “But we overcame that and began offering curbside service. We never used to do curbside, but now it’s a big deal. That has been helpful with our takeout orders.”

For the passed three years, Georgio’s is more than thankful for the support from the community.

“We have new people come in that tell their friends and they end up coming in,” George said. “We are thankful for the community support and our loyal guests.”

Georgio’s Pizza & Subs is located at 707 Nueces St. and is open seven days a week from 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Chris Filoteo is the editor at The Progress and can be reached at 830-254-8088, or at

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