Prayer gathering to share word of God

Angie Ponce (left) shares a story with Sister Emily Ybarra (right) as the two helped the Faith Family Life Church coordinate a prayer and fast event Oct. 24. The event is set for 3 p.m. at the American Legion Hall. (Photo by Chris Filoteo)

THREE RIVERS – What started as a conversation spawned into an event that will reach many residents around the area.

Angie Ponce and Emily Ybarra were approached by the Faith Family Life Church in Three Rivers in regards to a prayer gathering.

“They wanted to have a meeting about a gathering,” Ponce said. “The group was influenced by God about a gathering of all the people in a circle around an American flag.”

A Day of Prayer and Fast will be held Oct. 24 at 3 p.m. at the American Legion Hall.

“We want to invite the community and to be aware of the event,” Ponce said. “We are going to each church in Live Oak County to see if they’re interested.”

Ybarra added, “We want all residents that don’t even go to church, but vote to attend. We want them to come join us with all the other churches.”

The gathering will abide by social distancing and safety measures for face coverings.

“They can wear maks we will practice social distancing,” Ponce said.

Yolies Almaguer will sing the opening of the prayer along with Tony Castillo at the event designed to pray for leaders.

“The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders,” Ponce said. “We are hoping we can continue to do assemblies for our community. This gives more people a chance to reach God’s sanctuary.”


Ponce and Ybrarra have helped facilitate Tuesday Night Testimonies, a Facebook live broadcast that provides a platform for anyone interested in sharing their story about God.

“We were looking for people to give their testimony about God helping them,” Ponce said. “We want to give the a chance to hear their testimony and know that God can deliver them. People were scared to go on live at first, but when they hear themselves they are grateful to hear God helped them. They open their hearts to spread their message.”

The Tuesday Night Testimonies has aired for 15 weeks on Facebook since it began.

The Day of Prayer is set for Oct. 24 at the American Legion.

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